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December 27, 2010

Happy New Year!

Holly crap, it is 2011.  I wonder if the older you get, the faster time passes - because as a kid I don’t remember the decades flying by.  Or, it could be the expression, “time flies when you are having fun” because I am having fun and time sure flies.  So this blog is about time flying and having fun.

First the fun –
I just got back from a week skiing in Montana.  Wow, what a place Montana is.  The second largest state in geography only has about 800,000 residents.  We’ve got about 800,000 just living in Detroit (yes people still live in Detroit)!  Mountains, rivers, wildlife, and lots of snow set the background for a relaxing family vacation.  And the skiing at Big Sky is world class.  For one week my life went something like this:  Wake up early and go to the breakfast buffet; strap on the skis and tear up the mountain for about 6 hours; wind up at happy hour; shower and go to dinner; then go to bed exhausted and do it all over again in the morning!  My favorite vacation!

More fun –
Now I’m back in my office getting ready for 2011.  I’m glad I like what I do.  Our new 2011 fall line is ready to be shown.  This week I’m having fun pricing the new items, pulling the new sample lines for salesmen and trade shows, buying my plane tickets and making hotel reservations, and signing off on the 2011 business plan.  It turns out that 2010 was a good year at Broner.  As we move to 2011 with uncertainty in the economy, I am optimistic about our business.  That’s fun. 

Time flies –
This I can’t figure out.  Is it because of my job?  I have the first quarter mapped out and in the blink of an eye it will be April.  Sales trips lead to trade shows which lead to buying trips, and literally, the next open time on my calendar is April.  But others who have different jobs than I also complain about the quick passage of time.  How could I be 47 when I was just 18 a few years ago?  How could my son be in high school when it seems like I was just coaching his little league team?  I guess that’s just the way it is.

My only advice about the passage of time is to enjoy the ride.  The work part is a necessity: earn a living, support your family, and educate your children.  If you are lucky, you will like what you do.  But because time steals the moments so quickly, make sure your non working hours are spent with those you love – family and friends. 

Raise a glass and toast 2011 –
So, I’ll end this blog on time and fun by saying this:  Friday night is New Years Eve.  We should all raise a glass and remember the good times we had and embrace the future.  It is 2011 – Bring It On!

Big Sky Mountain

The Gang at Big Sky

Yellowstone National Park

Sarah inside Yellowstone National Park




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