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July 21, 2011

The Flip blog –

Our social media campaign is growing and we are making progress.  Perhaps you’ve seen that we’re “Tweeting”, “Posting”, and “Linking” somewhat regularly.  So it’s all going good and Sara says to me, “Bob, do we have a Flip Video camera?”  I said no but I have a feeling I’m about to get one.

So now I have a Flip.  And I’m about to flip – or post a flip that is. 

It is all about sharing the message of what’s going on at Broner.  July is a slow month for shipping - with retailers wanting to thin their inventories to make room for fall merchandise there is less at once ordering going on.  But that doesn’t mean it is slow here in July.  Just more relaxed.  So, what’s going on at Broner?  Here is a brief update and a video too.

July is our busiest month of the year in our receiving department.  The first receipts of our fall inventory are scheduled to hit our docks in July.  Check out Big Al in action.  So far 2 containers have arrived and I think Al is up to his neck in knit caps.  In all we expect to see about a dozen containers filled with hats and gloves make their way to Auburn Hills this month. 

Trade Show Preparation
We’re packing up the road show.  Empty security cages are getting filled.  Samples are getting tagged and labeled.  Out with the old line, in with the new as last years spring 2011 samples are being replaced with the new ones for 2012.  Watch Alan and Amanda doing their thing.

2012 Spring Catalog Shoot and Production
July is also the month where we shoot our upcoming Spring 2012 catalog.  The models have been picked and the locations secured.  Stephanie is hard at work writing copy, proofing size and color packs, and setting prices.  I know the pricing part has her uneasy as inflation in our industry continues.  We can feel the excitement coming from her desk as the project nears completion.  And with this project comes my favorite task, picking the female models.  Can you imagine if that was a full time job?

Flipping Out
So here is my first flip.  And I already know what my next flip will be – the photo shoot – back stage with the models!  Stay tuned…


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